Monday, August 31, 2009

New Logo Design for Simple Touch

This project was challenging. I needed to come up with an image/logo that represented both massage and organizing. The job became easy when I hired her to organize my office. Once my office was cleared out and organized I felt as light as a feather. I started brainstorming images that gave the impression you were floating away. With massage and organization you can feel this way. A few things came to mind but what stuck was the image of a dandelion floating away. With that in mind I went to work with some ideas. These were my initial ideas. #1 using a dandelion that went to seed in the background with the words over. #2 I was visually describing chaos and calm with the scribble and light faded circle. #3 The fluid S was to show tension floating away. #4 My favorite idea, 3 graphic dandelions floating in the wind. And #5 was a variation on #3.


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